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Caribbean Sea Magic for Manifesting the Power of the Sea

I sit here, just 1,000 feet from the sand, in sunny southern California and can hear the waves breaking on the shore. The power of the sea sends ripples through my soul and yet it also gently hushes the slightest doubts in my spirit. That’s the amazing magick of the sea.

When I worked with this ocean inspired grid, my mind and soul were fixated on the elements that make the ocean goddess sparkle for me. I knew I wanted to work with Larimar for it’s soothing vibrations to support gentle communication. The accents are sun washed coral, Himalayan salt, tumbled quartz bits, and clementine aura quartz, with a fossilized sea urchin (sand dollar) for the anchor. This circular spell is bordered with Larimar Hearts, both small and medium. This dreamy arrangement soothes my soul and invites me to the magick of the Caribbean where I can visualize what I’m working on manifesting.

The ocean carries a diverse message for us no matter what moon pushes or pulls the tide. When the strong wind tousles the palm fronds I’m reminded that we can weather any storm that comes our way. When the rising tide brings shells I am inspired to look for the treasures when tough times rip against my path. Creating these visuals, in details and colors, centers me when chaos seeks to overtake me. It’s always been the ocean that brings me back to the Goddess.

Blessed be,

Lisa Bertolini
Doctor of Spiritual Arts
Priestess, Aromatherapist, and Folkmagick Practitioner

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A Call for Peace as We Honor the Sacred Medicine of White Sage

There’s a lot of hunters with smartphones harassing non-indigenous people who mention working with white sage in their spiritual practice. It’s almost as if they use search windows to find them and immediately target them with loaded language, dominating conversations with hostility, and inciting more anger and confusion in the comment sections. If you use TikTok or Twitter you’ll know what I’m talking about. While I appreciate the idea of drawing attention to the ancestors who guarded their medicines for so many years, the very behavior in which it’s manifesting in social media is very contrary to the original purpose of working with plant medicines.

As an Interfaith Priestess, my passion is to minister to people no matter what their beliefs, customs, or spiritual path they follow. When I studied for my doctorate, my focus was on spiritual healing with a progressive Christian university in Southern California. Due to the nature of my unique work, I studied under direct mentorship with leaders from various paths to prepare myself for this important ministry.

After 20 years in Christianity, I began to learn more about my ancestors. One of my elder cousins began working on our ancestry records that were preserved by the various grandparents and great aunts and great uncles. The family records revealed some documentation and photos of some ancestors who developed close relationships with Indigenous Women. One such ancestor was written about in a letter detailing how he smuggled guns to the nearby tribes so the Indigenous People could protect their families from the white men who were coming to make war with them. Two white brothers in our family fell in love with two Indigenous women and got married. Sadly, many of their customs and spiritual practices phased out as they adopted new customs, and were baptized into their new protestant religion. 

On the other side of my family we found folk witches and ancient Norse DNA. Through extensive studies on both sides of my family, and through historical documents, I discovered how the old religions were outlawed. European Paganism as well as Indigenous Spirituality. It crushed me to know that my previous modern spiritual religion was responsible for that kind of erasure of customs, beliefs, and practice.

I committed myself to honoring the spiritual ways of my ancestors in my personal practice as well as in my business. My Interfaith Mentoring has an open arms philosophy that honors clients where they’re at, because there’s no reason to withhold guidance, healing, and love from someone for not being of one specific path. I’ve been an advocate for people who’ve been abused by partners, parents, and by spiritual leaders for over 20 years. I’ve studied advocacy in ministries as well as in our government’s documents on Victims’ Rights. Being an effective  advocate involves academic training, education, and interpersonal skills that can foster productive conversation. I appreciate the modern generation for having a desire to advocate for Indigenous people or for Norse heritage, but with advocacy we must also be equipped with facts. 

With that being said, I want to convey some truth and offer facts to help clear up the recent call to arms of smartphone hunters who seemingly seek to make war with non-Indigenous people on a spiritual path that includes White Sage and other herbs and plants that are commonly used in Indigenous and Norse spirituality. 

The North American Indigenous People, also known as First Nations, vary in beliefs from one group to another. Approaching an Elder should be done so with careful consideration and with the utmost respect. Some elders have shared their beliefs on Smudging, provide ample instruction on how it’s used ceremonially, and offer their teachings that are expected to accompany use of the ceremony and herbs. The overall energy behind the smoke medicine is to provide healing, peace, and communal honor and respect, not only among their own people but also in their relationships with others.

Fanshawe Institute of Indigenous Learning

Sylvia McAdam Cree Teachings:

Stephen Augustine Dean of Cape Breton University’s Unama’ki College 

Omahkitapii isksinimatstaksin Kaaksimii ohtakiyow (Elder Teaching: Gathering Sage)

Robert Gallegos: Native American Traditional Healer 

Tribal Trading Co 

Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Center 

Now lets go over some popular myths about white sage.

Myth: White Sage is endangered. 


1. White Sage is protected on California State land, but it is not listed threatened or endangered. 

2. It has also declined in Riverside County over the last 50 years due to wildfires. page 1

3 White Sage is a native plant to Southern California and while it’s not threatened or endangered, it is a native plant which sets it as protected on federal and state land. 

4. Also, it can only be harvested from private land with prior written consent of the land owner.

5. White Sage has been used in various ways throughout history for food and medicine. 

6. White Sage is excellent for erosion control.

Myth: White Sage is part of a closed practice

Truth: White Sage is sacred to various groups throughout the world, but the more commonly known is among Indigenous People in North and Central America. It is widely taught openly by Indigeous People and taught as part of Indigenous Training for Corporations who have a desire to educate their employees and politicians

White Sage is indigenous to Southern California and Mexico. It’s unknown how White Sage came to grow in so many locations throughout North America, as natural and successful pollination is isolated to bees, hawkmoths, waps, and the wind. Some small critters can spread seed through scant. 

Sacred Medicines were traded among the varying Tribes

Myth: You can only use White Sage if it’s gifted to you by an Indigenous Person

Truth: It’s all about intention and respect. Watch this video and download their free guide to smudging.

Partial Myth: Using White Sage is Smudging

Truth: Traditional Smudging generally includes 4 plant medicines; White Sage, Cedar, Tobacco, and Sweet Grass.

Partial Myth: White Sage is endangered due to wildfires.

Truth: Plants as young as 1 year can be eliminated entirely by wildfires, but mature plants root systems can withstand several wildfires. 

Now where do we go from here? It’s crucial to understand the facts rather than allow ourselves to fall into the rabbit hole of internet conspiracies. 

After all the research I’ve done, leaders I’ve spoken to, and training I’ve received from Elder guided organizations, we have a responsibility to practice spirituality responsibly.

While it is not the ‘closed practice’ many internet warriors try to insist on, there is more we can do as a spiritual community to be allies to our Indigenous neighbors. 

  1. Use White Sage sparingly. Most homes can benefit from smoldering one single leaf for an entire house for specific ceremonial or ritual purposes. As with any medicines, overuse is not encouraged and can have negative side effects. 
  2. If we use White Sage (or any of the other 4 smudge medicines) as part of any group ceremonies, take that opportunity to raise awareness about our Indigenous neighbors and request your community reflect, honor, and respect their traditions. Offer a thanksgiving prayer to the Indigenous Elders over thousands of generations that have shared their medicine and wisdom for our collective benefit.
  3. Offer resources on your websites to direct people to Indigenous Sources for their learning. There’s no need for white folks to reiterate the knowledge as coming from themselves when we can do an incredible honor in directing them to the appropriate sources.
  4. Expand your medicinal cabinet to include other herbal and plant medicines. 
  5. Commit to purchasing White Sage from Indigenous Shops to support their great work in our society. 
  6. Grow your own White Sage plants.
  7. If your shop sells White Sage, honor the plant medicine and our Indigenous neighbors by citing your provider. I understand this creates a quandary for business owners since we usually guard our business secrets to generate more business. However, most legitimate suppliers only sell wholesale to those with large purchasing power. Selling White Sage should not be, and most likely is not, a considerable profit compared to the other items your shops offer.
  8. Offer White Sage under specific guidance and ethical business practice. I rarely offer White Sage for sale in my shop, but I do sparingly offer it as gifts in some crystal purchases. I have offered ceremonial sage and floral bundles for specific clients under very specific purposes and offer them with very reasonable prices or as gifts. 

Old Norse and Ancient Germanic Practices

In old Norse and ancient Germanic spirituality, seers were those who kept medicinal secrets for use in spiritual journey and other practices. Common plants for these spiritual leaders were Cannabis, Henbane, and pretty much any other psychedelic plant or resin that could induce a trance for psychic enhancement. The seers were gatherers and would venture out into the fields and mountains to search for nature’s gifts. Their custom would’ve carried over into any new land they settled in. Plants that were native to their homeland may not have been growing in the new lands they migrated to. These seers would use whatever they could find in the wild. 


The Viking Way by Neil Price

The Viking Spirit by Daniel McCoy

Vikings of Middle England (

Grimfrost Academy 

Freyia Norling, A Discovery or Nordic Witchcraft 

Folk witches, likewise, would gather from the land surrounding where they traveled and settled. Eventually, as money became the currency and the custom of trade phased out, people were able to purchase the items they needed from one another or from mercantiles. 

In today’s culture it’s perfectly acceptable to forge relationships with ethical vendors and practitioners in order to gather what we need for our spiritual lives. 

Since my ancestry includes both of these ancestral groups, I honor them both in my practice and in my business. However, since I am an Interfaith Mentor and Priestess my offerings reflect numerous paths to provide what’s sought after by my multicultural clients.

As we raise awareness to be allies for Indigenous People as well as for folk witches who often practice alone or in small circles, lets not neglect the very nature and reason for sacred smoke medicine and magick. Lets make peace and ally together for equal rights among all the spiritual paths.

In 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared September 25th as the official Native American Day.

“California Native American communities represent the best of who we are and who we can be as Californians,” said Governor Newsom. “The actions we take today move us closer toward the goal of reckoning with our past, making space for healing and promoting equity. I thank our partners in the Legislature and everyone who made possible these important advancements, especially the tribal leaders whose persistent advocacy has compelled these changes.”

“Great news on California Native American Day. Thank you Gov. Newsom for moving California Indian issues forward,” said Assemblymember James Ramos (D-Highland). Assemblymember Ramos is the first California Native American elected to the state Legislature. Source

In 2020, we also saw 6 new Native Americans and Native Hawaiians elected to Congress. These are crucial milestones that need to be supported and honored as they are able to represent their heritage and culture in government offices.

Contact your local Indigenous organizations and ask how you can ally with them for the advancement of their equality in our government and in our society.

Lisa Bertolini
Doctor of Spiritual Arts
Priestess, Aromatherapist, and Folkmagick Practitioner

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The Fiery Metamorphosis of the Goddess

Since 2014, Intuitive Home Solutions was home to my home-goddess who lived in my logo. She and I have gone through a metamorphosis and we came out like a fiery phoenix. Please welcome her as you always have. My logo contains her likeness, a sun, and a moon positioned in the placement of my moon in Leo. Her womb is the shape of a heart to symbolize love.

I’m thrilled to come through the fire and shine in my truest authentic self and my shop, likewise. The offerings and treasures are here to work with you, inspire you, and transform you. Lets do this work together! I have an exclusive group on facebook, Circle of Intuition, where you can learn and grow with us and have the support you need. If you’re ready to make a commitment to your spiritual development, then fly on over and answer the group questions for access.

Keep your eyes and spirits open for the new offerings coming soon.

In the spirit of magick,

Lisa Bertolini
Doctor of Spiritual Arts
Priestess, Aromatherapist, and Folklore Enthusiast 

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Safely Passing Through the Portal of the Dead

My herbal apothecary has grown in recent months as my studies in potions has deepened. My cauldron is bubbling with earthly elements found in deep hidden forests where fairies frolic and work their own kind of magick. However, here in the city we settle for finding our ingredients in natural food stores. There are times when my magick requires the use of a mortar and pestle, but for this potion I opted for the assistance of my coffee bean grinder and a frother. I’m a firm believer that’s ok to use modern technology to make our craft easier to work with. That being said, here is my recipe for my Witches’ Immortality Potion. This Samhain Moon Milk is not a sweet beverage, it’s earthy and reminiscent of a graveyard ritual to raise the dead. Prepare this calming potion to help you pass safely through the portal of the dead. If you’re a taphophile then you’ll need to add this potion to your grimoire.

Witches’ Immortality Potion

Side note: Don’t you get frustrated with today’s recipe blogs because they write way too much content in the beginning of a recipe and you have to search to find the ingredients and directions?? Me too! While I’m willing to cut to the chase and let you see the ingredients right off the bat, please read through this and find out why each of the ingredients are used and how they correspond to your magickal practice.


  • Plain unsweetened Hemp milk
  • Dehydrated pumpkin, finely ground
  • Orange Lily petals, dried and cut in a coffee grinder
  • Black Truffle
  • Dehydrated oyster mushroom
  • Ashwagandha

On the side:

  • Pumpkin Cinnamon Granola
  • Mahón cheese


  • Slice the cheese and select your granola nuggets and set aside.
  • Slice your truffle and any bits that fall off can be sprinkled atop the cheese slices.
  • Heat the hemp milk in the frother then pour into your cup, holding the froth back with a spoon. Spoon in 1/4 tsp of ashwagandha and mix well. Spoon the froth onto the surface of the milk.
  • Sprinkle the lily petals and dehydrated pumpkin powder in a crescent moon shape.
  • Add your dehydrated mushroom and truffle to garnish.

While sipping your earthy potion take nibbles of cheese and granola in between sips. You can mix your mushroom and truffle into your milk if you’d like.

“The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” ~Marcus Tullius Cicero

Now lets dig into the magickal correspondences!

Hemp Milk is an earthy protein base to use for this potion. I favor the unsweetened version because I didn’t want to bring too much sweetness into this mushroom and truffle blend. The nibbling on pumpkin granola adds that sweetness to your palette. However, a dark chocolate hemp milk could be substituted here. Since we’re working with Samhain, an earthy sabbat when we visit cemeteries, hemp feels like the perfect choice. Hemp is known to support brain health and as we dig into the dirt for waking the dead we want to keep our minds protected from hungry zombies.

I purchased a small pumpkin and removed the seeds and pulp to leave a clean pumpkin rind. I used a melon baller to remove small thin slices of the flesh and placed it in the dehydrater around 10am and it was ready by 4 pm. Then I placed them in a coffee grinder and ground it into fine powder. Pumpkins are the treat of the season, are used as jack o’ lanterns to ward off evil spirits, and supports healthy skin. No need to decompose before our time.

Orange Lily petals are edible and I purchased mine from Amazon. Orange lilies represent confidence and wealth. They also provide comfort while mourning lost loved ones.

Black truffles are highly favored in the culinary industry and is an edible fungus rich in antioxidants and is antibacterial. “Researchers in Italy have found that black truffles produce anandamide, a natural chemical similar to marijuana’s active compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)” ~Layla Eplett We know from science (and human experiences) that tetrahydrocannabinol eases the emotions during times of grieving and stress. Since Samhain is the sabbat of the thinning veil for ancestors passing through, black truffle makes this potion supportive to you.

Oyster mushrooms flourish on decaying matter, most notably trees, but nonetheless I wanted to bring this death eater into this recipe. They’re actually beneficial for us, though in trace amounts, culinary artists use them in fantastic dishes to sooth our taste buds with their earthy flavor.

Ashwagandha, also known as poison gooseberry, is a plant from the nightshade family. It comes from the root of the shrub and is known to support better sleep. This makes it a wise choice to use in our scrying and Samhain ritual practices because it can boost our divination to connect with the dead. *cue creepy music and ghostly bellowing*

The flavor of this earthy potion is actually pleasant and nibbling on the nutty cheese and pumpkin granola adds to this grave side treat. It really is the perfect choice for welcoming your ancestors through the liminal space.

Have a Bewitching Samhain,


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This is Why You’ll Want the Magic of Moon Milk

Moon Milk is all the craze right now and why wouldn’t it be? The magic of Moon Milk is vast and you’ll wanna know how to brew a potion for yourself tonight!

First of all, I can’t find an origin source for who coined this term, but moonmilk is an actual mineral and not a warm beverage. However, Moon Milk is a beverage with a curious name and a gazillion recipes are already on Pinterest! Here’s a handful of my favorite Moon Milk resources.

I taught a class on the benefits of Moon Milk and you can access the Unit in the Circle of Intuition for your enjoyment. One take away from the class is this, science hasn’t exactly proven that warm milk actually sends you off to dreamland. What does help are herbs that have been proven to send you into the Sandman’s path.

Making Moon Milk starts off with a really powerful herbal tea recipe then add steamed milk to the slumber party. You can do this with non-dairy milk alternatives, I happen to use Almond Milk. In addition to dreamy herbs, you can layer your magic in ritual with crystals, candles, and a grid with your steeping potion in the center of your grid.

Strawberry Moon Milk

When you’re working with your ingredients you’ll want to look for herbals that contain the benefits you’re wanting. If you’re looking for a Moon Milk to simply help you sleep better you may want to consider lavender and chamomile(pair it with amethyst). If you need the benefits of stress relieving you’ll want to reach for Ashwagandha powder and ginger(pair with celestite). When you ‘re looking for protection you may want to work with dark chocolate and black pepper(pair with obsidian). The possibilities are practically endless.

I have created an easy-to-use navigation for you to find exactly which crystals to work with for the different moons. Up above you’ll find the tab “Ritual Treasures”. The navigation will open to “Crystals” then further to “Moons”. Simply select which moon you’re wanting to work with whether it be the Full Moon, New Moon or a Waning/Waxing moon.

Blue Moon Milk

Layering your magic with herbs, crystals, candlelight and clarified intentions can boost your psychic abilities, balance your empathic powers, inspire your creativity, and more. This isn’t just a sleepy time nightcap, it’s MAGIC! Why not boost your Moon Milk with all these additional benefits? Of course, you also might want to add your favorite liqueur as well. Yes, alcohol also has correspondences in magic!

One of my favorite resources for Moon Milk is ‘My Tiny Laguna Kitchen‘. She has a fantastic Instagram account showing off her magnificent creations. She uses and recommends this gorgeous glass tea pot with a candle warmer base to keep your tea warm while steeping. Another stellar resource for a variety of Moon Milk recipes is ‘Moon and Spoon and Yum‘. She has a nifty thumbnail navigation menu above her posts so you can surf around and discover numerous other recipes (many of which are vegan). For edible flowers and medicinal herbs, I highly recommend AniMundiHerbals. Not only do they have impeccable quality, they vibe in a similar direction spiritually and I love supporting shops like that.

If you want to learn more about incorporating a magical practice into your spiritual journey, join The Circle of Intuition with other leaders in our community. We’re here to support you. I also offer private consultations if you are looking for support and assistance with choosing intuitive treasures for manifesting your intentions. You can contact me through Messenger on my Facebook page.

Manifesting with you,


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Folklore Magic to Inspire the Imagination

Folklore is Taylor Swift’s 8th album and her second album owned by her. She brings us this mesmerizing collection of lullabies to heal us during the pandemic. The forest witch aesthetic of her album exudes a cool fresh fantasy to escape to. Even in her Cardigan music video, she is seen in her nightgown in bare feet with her hair wound up in braided buns. The color scheme of green moss in a forest with waterfalls and a portal piano reminds us that it’s acceptable to find peace in tales and imagination.

This folklore collection of crystals was inspired by her album (specifically Cardigan). I pulled together green moss, Petrified Wood, Chlorite Green Quartz Generator, mini birch logs, pine cones, tumbled clear Quartz, Peridot and Black Onyx chip stones, and Green Kyanite.

This folklore inspired grid carries the intentions of renewal, rebirth, healing, regeneration, ancient wisdom, and calming energy. You can receive a portion of this grid, but be sure to note in your purchase “folklore collection” so your shipment contains elements from this specific grid. Offer while supplies last. If you would like to purchase this entire grid, please contact me as soon as possible. Once treasures begin to sell this particular grid, in whole, won’t be available. However, I can create a new one and hold ritual again to bless it for you.

This grid was blessed with a palo santo cleansing ritual and a fairy chime sound bath.

All treasures come gift wrapped.

Magical blessings,


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Lemurian Sea Magic for Untold Manifesting Power

This collection of crystals and sea urchin fossil is reminiscent of the ancient lore of Lemuria and the golden shores now hidden from us. While scientists have yet to discover this fantastical land, our imaginations breathe life into the tales of its knowledge and power. We are a funny sort of human race, given to folklore and imagination at every turn. However, imagination is a key to our magic and accessing that spark is crucial to manifesting our gifts.

This stunning Lemurian collection includes deeply magical Blue Calcite towers (popularly known as Lemurian Blue Calcite, gleaming Clementine Aura Quartz, double terminated Quartz wands, angelic blue Celestite crystals, miniature Copper nuggets, and a fossilized Sea Urchin. The Blue Calcite towers are geometrically arranged into a star pattern to represent Lemuria’s distant divine energy and protection. The Tangerine Aura Quartz is in an inverted star pattern to compliment the Blue Calcite’s positioning. The outer corona of this grid follows the same pattern with double terminated Quartz and Celestite crystals. This grid is anchored by the Fossilized Sea Urchin to represent the magic and wisdom of the sea and adds its circular symbolism of Lemuria’s original perfect state. The grid is then encircled with a steady flow of Copper to conduct its magnificent energy out into the universe.

You can take the plunge into this magic and receive a portion of this grid while supplies last. This Lemurian Collection was bathed in sound energy, cleansed with sage, and blessed in ritual with a conch shell trumpet. If you’re interested in the entire grid please contact me as soon as possible. When you’ve completed your shopping please include a note to indicate your purchase is to include crystals from this grid by simply noting the word “Lemurian Collection” at check out.

Magical blessings,


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Witches Celebrate Mabon Because This is How They Conjure the Most Powerful Magic

Of all the enticing elements of witchcraft, the one thing curious folks always ask is how to conjure powerful magic. Mabon is the second of the three harvest festivals celebrated by pagans and witches alike. This treat filled holy day offers the blessings (and magic) of apples, gathering with loved ones, and the opportunity to collectively harness one of the most powerful aspects of witchcraft…gratitude. I know.. you probably thought I was going to tell you some hidden sequence of words that would instantly grant you access to all the powers of the universe. Well, I actually did just that. Gratitude is one of the most impressive methods of magic anyone can learn.

I’m not talking about your basic “Thank you”. Expressing gratitude should never be reduced to a tiny ‘thx’ in your text window. These abbreviated versions of thanksgiving are casual ways of expressing a surface layer of magic that seldom results in the kind of manifestation we long for. I’m not dismissing the quick responses we give each other, but there’s impressive truth to be told in how we express gratitude.

Mabon has long been held as a festival of thanks giving. Long before the early travelers came upon the eastern shores of what we now call America, people knew the ancient art of gratitude. Our rushed society of instant gratification has nearly lost it’s spark and the art of true manifestation is fizzling out faster than the sands of time. You don’t want to be that one witch trying to work her magic at the eleventh hour.

While Americans look forward to November’s fourth Thursday to sample Grandma’s apple pie and Aunt Betty’s green bean casserole, Witches take deep internal inventory during Mabon. On the surface, we taste the exquisite flaky buttery crust that social gatherings offer us. We decorate with orange pumpkins, crunchy brown leaves, and maroon vines entangle the candlesticks on the table. We craft spells together and bake cornbread mandalas. We anticipate the aromas of harvest and laugh with children crunching on caramel coated apples. The happiness this holy day gives us can’t hold a candle to the joy the deeper magic can bestow upon us. Gratitude is a profound mystery hidden beneath the mantel of our core.

Crystals for Prosperity and Abundance

Working with the magic of gratitude is a significant discipline that requires an earnest level of humility. Mabon isn’t just about feasting on the fruits of our labor. It’s a diligent observance of all the details that yield the magnificent cornucopia of desire. When your truest desires manifest, you unleash untapped power from within.

Mabon isn’t the only season to conjure this magic. You can do so any time of the year. Mabon just happens to be a designated season where we polish and refine our practice. Join us in our Circle of Intuition as we delve deeper this month into the artistry of gratitude. We begin observing Mabon on September 21st and the celebration continues until September 29th.

Season’s Blessings,


Shop for Mabon Crystals Today

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How to Build a Successful Crystal Grid to Immediately Manifest Rain

Creating a crystal grid to manifest rain is serious business. Weather magic shouldn’t be taken lightly or done on a whim. As a priestess, our work is a great work that requires self-discipline and discernment. We’re here to support Mother Earth and all creatures who reside here and should never work magic that could have negative consequences. You can open another browser and listen to this ambient healing music while reading.

Crystals needed-

  • Center: Large Clear Quartz
  • Inner Circle: 8 small celestite crystals to represent the 8 sabbats in the Wheel of the Year
  • Center Circle: 4 aqua aura quartz points with 4 celestite crystals, each to represent the 4 elements.
  • Outer circle: 24 celestite crystals to represent the last two years of drought. (adjust according to your needs)
  • Corona: The outer most corona of the grid has 8 clear quartz points to represent the directions and quarter directions, N, NE, NW, S, SE, SW, E, W.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Not shown in grid, set off to the side, to represent the wisdom of the gods and goddesses who decide how much rain and when to stop precipitation.

Other tools needed

  • Sage
  • Rain stick
  • Chimes
  • Drum

Prior to building the grid:

  • Sage cleanse all crystals
  • Self reflection meditation to cleanse inward intentions.
  • Bless the work space and the crystals with chimes.

Arrange the grid beginning with the center and working outward in a clockwise motion to represent forward movement of rain. With each crystal placement, give thanks and offer prayer for rain. When you place the directional crystals, give thanks to the directions. Using the rain stick, begin movement of stick to create the sound healing while working with your intention to bring rain. Visualize the ecosystem collecting the evaporation from the local bodies of water to collect the moisture into the atmosphere to create the clouds. Encircle the space above the grid with the rain stick three times, while turning the stick to create the sound of rain. Next, work with your ritual drum and begin drumming at the pace of your heartbeat. Continue the drumming for 3 minutes. While drumming, begin gentle summoning of the wind to move the clouds into position. Visualize the rain gently releasing then becoming more consistent. Once your visualization is complete, give thanks. Allow grid to remain in place until the rains come and replenish the location needing the rain. Remember that our environment takes time to create rain. Be patient. As soon as the rains begin, offer thanks and deconstruct the grid.

Image by Konyvesotto from Pixabay

How to Deconstruct Your Crystal Grid

Approach the deconstruction of your grid with reverence and gratitude. Meditate and offer thanks for the response from the Universe (your gods etc). Beginning with the North point, begin removing each crystal, counterclockwise from the outer corona then inward. You’ll be working in this clockwise order until the grid is unraveled completely. Once complete, sage cleansing the work space. You can also work with a singing bowl in Note B, as seen here.

Create an offering of thanks for a body of water near you (pond, lake ocean etc). White flower petals are a nice offering.

Cleanse your crystals with a bell and gently wash with water and mild natural soap. Place crystals under the next full moon, overnight.

Be blessed and I pray this grid brings you the blessings of water energy.

As with all magical work, be sure to replenish yourself. Drink water and meditate, maintaining your center.

If you have any questions please comment below for further guidance.

Blessed Be,


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Conjur Your Inner Magic and Rise Above the Crisis

We’ve been quarantining since March and the days seem to disappear like sand through loosely woven wicker. Our dance steps stumble while we reach out for something stable to balance ourselves on. There’s been an overwhelming dread of the unknown, this invisible threat is our daily monster and our swords can’t even see this dragon in order to slay it. We ask ourselves if the next time we drive by to wave at grandma, if it’s the last time we’ll see her. We remind her to wear a mask when food deliveries arrive and we’re quick to leave Yelp reviews for other customers to know which stores are the safest. Some days I feel like the family in the film, The Quiet Place. Being careful of every step. Wiping down all groceries, disinfecting touch points, properly wearing masks, avoiding people by six feet distancing. Not one step can falter, we must remain vigilant and balanced. It can be exhausting. This collective crisis has affected the entire planet.

It’s time to awaken our folk magic

We’re on the sixth month of this trek and I feel like we’re not even to Mordor yet. We all need our own Samwise Gamgee to help sustain us. This journey leaves us parched and we battle through our fears the best we can. This week I feel like we woke up in the misty mountains of Lothlórien when I listened to Taylor’s latest album, folklore. She certainly captured the elven oasis we all needed access to. She invited us into her musical portal to another realm to rest and be refreshed.

Among all the disinfecting of surfaces and hand washing our cloth masks, it was time to conduct an intense cleansing of my altar space. The Full Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter came into alignment revealing our need for ritual. All the crystals and tools need to be cleansed and the energy refocused. While I stand in solidarity with my human race, I have to find my own balance again. This collective crisis will not defeat my spirit.

It’s time to roll up the sleeves of our ritual robes and reignite the fires of magic. Throughout history, people of various religions knew that when crisis came upon them it was time to pray, march, and sing. It’s time to take out that wand and our other intuitive tools. We have a great work to do.

We can’t stop encouraging one another. Now is the time to get serious and not loose ground. Dig our heels in and do the great work of our ancestors.

We must be consistent and not waver. Our families and loved ones need to know there IS a future waiting for us. Don’t wait until the future surprises you, be ready for it. Create your daily ritual and be faithful with it. Anoint the door posts, sage the home, diffuse essential oils. Liven up your home, write letters to loved ones, and cook together. The holidays are just around the corner. Organize your recipe cards, plan the feast details, get your shopping done early. We’re not sure yet if we will have the same old traditional holiday gatherings, but we can and should create the most memorable holiday ever. These traditions are our rituals of love and friendship. The storytelling of Dickens and Disney have long been told around our homes every year, but what story are we telling this year? Maybe Taylor has that keen magical insight we need to learn from, folklore. It’s time to unleash your magic, dear folk people.

Come join us in the magic>> Circle of Intuition

Blessed Be,