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Magic (magick) is not as elusive as it seems and anyone can learn magic. Is this witchcraft we’re talking about? Real witchcraft? That sure seems to be the question most people ask when they start looking into what it means to be a witch or a magic practitioner. These words have long held a taboo vibe and anyone who dares to even look at what these words mean are met with bigotry and ignorance. Breathe…. You’re safe here. There’s a lot of people in the world who are witches unaware. They don’t even identify as witches because it hasn’t occurred to them that what they’re practicing is even magical. That’s ok. One doesn’t need to identify as a witch to practice magic. Magic may have been pulling at your heartstrings since childhood, like me, or it may have just suddenly come to you later in life. It doesn’t matter when, what matters is that it did!

Let me reassure you, while these words seem taboo they aren’t even remotely related to the old, green, wart covered women who lure children with candy and eat them in the movies or cartoons. Your friendly neighborhood witches aren’t literally flying on brooms over your houses. And contrary to popular conspiracy theories, having sex with witches in your dreams isn’t causing endometriosis. The conspiracy communities are rife with lies about the spiritual practice of being a witch. The accusations are complete lunacy. This word, witch…it tends to be one of those words so often misused in our culture. It quite simply means one who works with the elements to grow in their spiritual path. It’s the word that is supposed to mean wisdom. It’s historically been known to describe a medicine woman who works with herbs for healing and create spells (prayers) to inspire and heal the soul.

Magic is a spiritual practice meant to bring peace, manifest your needs, protect your path, and so much more. This path can wind down green forest trails, around your downtown city pond, or linger in your own patio or backyard. Magic goes wherever you go. It’s the invisible string that ties this universe together and we’re all a part of this intricate web designed to make life more beautiful and meaningful.

People often ask about black magic vs white magic. Quite honestly, magic just IS. It’s within you and can be described by the intentions you put into it. Magic is as simple as making a wish and blowing out your birthday cake candles or as elaborate as creating a circle around a bonfire under the full moon. The fun thing about magic is you have the creative liberty to make it whatever you want it to be. The world of witchery is vast and limitless.

Vocabulary and Terms of Witchery

To begin with, you’ll want to get acquainted with the vocabulum of witchery. I have a little series to introduce you to some terms and their definitions. Click on each of the words below to read about these terms and how they work to benefit you in your practice. I’ll be adding more soon.






Prosperity Magic

Another big question often asked about magic is how to create abundance and prosperity. I created a series of posts about creating abundance and inviting prosperity in your life. It’s not always about manifesting money, though it certainly can be. It’s definitely part of witchery so don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. It’s just not the main focus…just a small part of the incredibly big things we can do with magic.

Healing Crystals

What about working with healing crystals? YES, lets talk about that because it’s one of my favorite methods of practicing magic! I have several posts about different ways you can work with crystals. It’s really a variety of methods compiled into numerous posts, but you can always check out my crystal shop for more information. Every crystal listing in my shop gives you an overview of how you can work with each crystal, what it’s correspondences are, and how fragile they are. You can read my Care and Keeping of Crystals post here. Up above I have navigation to help you find crystals according to shape, intentions, elements, and according to your Zodiac. Click on Ritual Treasures to see the drop down menus.

Do you have to graduate from a certification program to know how to work with crystals? NO! But there’s two that I do recommend, as they are certified and can be used as continuing education credits for certain professions. You can enroll with Hibiscus Moon (which is where I studied) or Love and Light School. If you don’t have the funds to invest in the programs you can always join us in the Circle of Intuition (on Facebook) and learn as you go with our team.

Herbal Magic

Many practitioners also work with magical herbs. I update this category with different spices and herbs to support you in your pursuit of magic with nature’s offerings.


What about working with astrology in your practice? Yes, knowing the stars, planets, and your Zodiac is part of this spiritual practice. Astrology is part Science and part faith. It’s mixed well with good psychology too. I’ll be honest, it can be overwhelming to someone not familiar with it and that’s to be expected. Astrology is a big field of study and requires diligent study and practice to develop strong skills in using it as a method of practice with clients. I invited you to join our Circle and ask questions and learn along with everyone else. I highly recommend you check out Debra Silverman on YouTube. She’s not only a seasoned professional astrologist, but she’s also a licensed psychotherapist.


Tarot and Oracle Cards can be worked with in your magical practice. This is another field of study that requires commitment and diligence in order to work with a clientele. However, you can begin working with Tarot and other cards on your own to foster spiritual growth for yourself and loved ones with very little training. Again, join our Circle for support during your journey.

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In the spirit of magick

Lisa Bertolini
Doctor of Spiritual Arts
Priestess, Aromatherapist, and Folklore Enthusiast