Meet the Priestess

Welcome, Sisters!

My journey through the fire has brought me to this passion of supporting women looking for a safe space to create their own spiritual path. Many years of being held back from my true calling, by organized religion, showed me that the only way for me to find true freedom was to go ahead and let them burn me at the stake. Allowing the element of fire to do its magick has such perfection in burning away what no longer serves us so we can shine in all our truest authenticity.


I’ve been through so much in my life that it’s been difficult to answer the question, “What is your story?” Where am I and how did I get here? Through a series of unfortunate events, I got caught up in a stormy and rocky romance with religion that ended up shattering in a painful and depressing spiritual divorce. Breaking free from religion, but still pursuing this universal rhythm of beauty and life. There’s truth in the world and I was determined to understand how it manifests.  

I had to find my own healing and rediscovering who I am at my core.

I read through various pantheons, historical sagas, and attended numerous classes about world religions and deities. Then I was introduced to a story so magical that my heart leaped with joy. I finally realized how everything tied together so beautifully and it’s deeply magical. My story had finally taken a shape that I could convey it in a tangible way that made perfect sense to me. It all started with a gorgeous, cool, gemmy piece of Green Calcite. Did I know that day would be the day of rebirth for my spirit? Umm no. I had no idea!

Little did I know back then, that the Green soothing gem would offer me so much heart healing. I did have a spark of understanding that the Goddess called to me to heal the negative thoughts about myself that had been deviously weaved around my mind in fifteen years of religious programming. But She was so much more than that. She was working out a new artistic journey to bring together some intuitive tools to assist me.

I had spent several years studying, learning, and practicing various psychological methods of life-building, personal examination, and healing modalities. Each of the tools the Universe began putting in my path worked so beautifully together. It was pure magick.

This has been my story thus far and here we are. You, the Universe, and Me. Every part of this story, this blog, these treasures I offer, are all here for you too. This work I’m called to in this life is what breathes an ever flowing stream in me. My wish and intentions are to share my ongoing journey with you and ask you…invite you, to be a part of my story.

Welcome to my journey, my life, my world. You are included. Come learn magic with me.


In the spirit of magick,

Lisa Bertolini
Doctor of Spiritual Arts
Priestess, Aromatherapist, and Folklore Enthusiast

I’ve been married since 1992 (nearly 30 years now) and have raised four children. I spent 17 years home educating my children.  My three daughters have all been practicing earth based spirituality and assist me in my business with Spirit of Magick.

My Professional Experience:

  • Past Accredited Certification with the Breining Institute for Addiction Recovery Counseling
  • Two Years as a Director of a Women’s Home for Recovery
  • 15 years Assisting in Recovery programs
  • 20 years teaching spirituality
  • Graduate of Next Dimension University (Doctorate in Spiritual Healing)
  • 10+ years as an Interfaith Minister
  • Spiritual Healing guide since 2010
  • Served as Toys for Tots organizer and representative for 2 years in Northern California
  • Owned and Managed an online spirit based magazine for teen girls for 5 years.
  • Graduate of Faith Leaders Institute at USC’s Cecil Murray Center
  • Graduate Aromatherapy with School for Aromatic Studies
  • Completion of Priestess Course with Sage Goddess
  • Completion of perfumery school

Where I’ve studied:

  • Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing
  • New York Institute of Aromatic Studies
  • Breining Institute
  • USC
  • Next Dimension University
  • Perfume School with Karen Gilbert