Black Obsidian Obelisk to Invoke Power, Protection, and Confidence


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Obelisks have been used in many regions, throughout history, to symbolize political and religious power and protection. Obsidian, likewise, has been worked with by practitioners to invoke the same intentions. The symbolism in a black obsidian obelisk generates a combination of these magnificent intentions and energy. They’re perfect for ritual, altars, and office spaces. Any company wishing to conjure the energy of power, confidence, and protection will have an obelisk in their office, especially the entry space or lobby. Place a black obsidian obelisk next to your phone to improve your confidence in handling business phone calls and protect you from negative energy that sometimes come through complaining or negative conversations. Establish your position and authority then watch your confidence grow and your clients will feel your energy.¬†Anoint your black obsidian obelisk with black pepper essential oil for added protection and a layer of magick to generate aromatic energy.

Working with Black Obsidian Obelisks in ritual will imbued your magick with confidence and authority over fears, insecurities, and doubt. Layer your magick with elements that correspond such as black pepper, sage, cinnamon, crow feathers, and black candles. To learn more about working with crystals and elements, join our Circle of Intuition for guidance and community among other practitioners and priestesses.

Black Obsidian is sometimes misunderstood and viewed with evil symbolism, when it reality it’s nature is for protection and confidence. The impeccable reflective surface is mirror-like and can be incorporated into your scrying practice. What you see is what’s in you and your belief about yourself is what will manifest in your visionary journey. Begin building your confidence today.

Each obelisk comes gift wrapped with magick herbs to accompany it in transit to you. I perform a protection ritual to bless your treasure with sacred drumming prior to shipment.

This listing is for 1 Black Obsidian Obelisk, measuring appx 7-7.5 inches tall.

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