Butternut Spiced Candles


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Working with aromatherapy in the home always induces emotions and senses because the natural essences of plants lend their healing energy to us. The simple aroma of a pumpkin pie or apple cider can bring back memories of home and holidays in ways that feel like a hug for our hearts. These butternut spiced candles have been crafted with that in mind.

These coconut wax blended candles include aromas of butternut, pumpkin, nutmeg, dragon’s blood, citrine, and a dusting of glitter.

Our olfactory system knows how to process what we smell and convert them into the nostalgia of loving holidays of the past. Our memories are intricately woven with seasonal aromas and the wafting energy of butternut with pumpkin pie aromatics ushers in those previous experiences. We’re reminded of the hunt for treats at the grocery stores, our gleeful planning of everyone’s favorite side dish, and the hopeful anticipation of seeing loved ones we hadn’t seen in months.

Adorning the table with aromatic magick tells your guests how much you love them and how you’ve looked forward to their hugs after being apart and busy for so long. Reconnecting with each other nourishes the heart and seems to make their warm embraces last a bit longer. During your holiday event remind them of how much they’re loved. Bless them with prosperity and wish them well for the upcoming year. Discussing the ingredients of these candles, along with their correspondences, can imprint your love in their minds and they’ll carry that energy with them throughout the year.

Each of these elements are included to lend their magical vibrations and correspondences, as follows:

Butternut– inspires calm

Pumpkin– wards off evil spirits

Nutmeg– comfort, calming

Dragon’s Blood– love

Citrine– prosperity, happiness

This listing is for one set of 4 tea light candles. (gift wrapped)

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