Jasmine Calcite to Embody the Spirit of Hospitality

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Calcite is a crystal that has developed in numerous places all over the world and in various colors. However, some hues of colors are unique to specific regions of the planet. This dreamy Jasmine Calcite has a rich story and history surrounding it, embodying an incredible vibration for your magickal work.

*Note: Various vendors will name a crystal based on popularity and it’s color. Most people call this type of Calcite, Caribbean Calcite. Yet, this calcite is not from the Caribbean at all. This specific hue of tropical sea blue Calcite is more accurately named after the region it’s actually from. In mineralogy, a mineral or crystal is often named after the person who discovered it, the minerals it contains, and/or the region it’s discovered in. Numerous forms of Calcite don’t have an official mineralogy name other than naming them after their color. The marketing names are often given by those who sell them. A crystal that looks similar, that is from the Caribbean region, is Larimar.

Jasmine Calcite comes from a region of the Middle East, which is found on the edge of the Arabian Sea. The region of Pakistan, specifically Balochistan, is a desert region with numerous oases and date palm trees. The national flower of Pakistan is the highly fragrant and exotic, Jasmine. The blue hue in these stunning tumbled nuggets comes from copper, which is an abundant mineral in Balochistan. In fact, Balochistan is known for having the largest copper mine in the world. The hue of blue is reminiscent of the Arabia Sea, which borders the land of Balochistan. In addition to these incredible facts about the region this Calcite is from, they also have marvelous folklore and the region celebrates the legendary goddesses of their culture. We do a horrible disservice to their people and ancestors if we use a marketing name that strips their heritage and hands it over to a region that has nothing to do with this dreamy and empowering mineral.

This inventory of Jasmine Calcite was hand crafted specifically for our shop. My request to the miner was specific and I wanted to be able to offer you a beautiful product that would embody the energy of its home region and legendary stories that have inspired the world for thousands of generations.

The water element in their desert region is ruled by numerous water goddesses, the most popular being Anahita. She is the goddess of fertility, healing, and wisdom. Some scholars say “She is associated with powerful goddesses of other ancient civilizations such as Saraswati of the Hindu tradition, Inanna/Ishtar of Mesopotamia, Sauska of the Hurrian-Hittites, Astarte of the Phoenicians, Aphrodite of the Greeks, and Venus of the Romans. She had more temples and shrines dedicated to her than any other Persian goddess.” (source: Ancient History Encyclopedia)

The culture of the region highly favors the qualities of hospitality, unity, and family.

These magickal treasures measure appx 1-1.5 inches. Each one comes gift wrapped with dried jasmine buds and anointed with Jasmine ritual oil.

From my hands to yours,

Lisa Bertolini
Doctor of Spiritual Arts
Priestess, Aromatherapist, and Folklore Enthusiast


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