Oasis Calcite to Nurture Your Soul


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Oasis Calcite is found among the numerous oases of Balochistan in Pakistan, the land that embodies the adventurous tales of ancient Persia. Commonly nicknamed Caribbean Calcite, this Calcite and Aragonite layered magick offers it’s magnificent aesthetic for your spiritual work.


Oasis in Balochistan, Pakistan

*Note: Various vendors will name a crystal based on popularity and it’s color. Most people call this type of Calcite, Caribbean Calcite. Yet, this calcite is not from the Caribbean at all. This specific hue of tropical sea blue Calcite is more accurately named after the region it’s actually from. In mineralogy, a mineral or crystal is often named after the person who discovered it, the minerals it contains, and/or the region it’s discovered in. Numerous forms of Calcite don’t have an official mineralogy name other than naming them after their color. The marketing names are often given by those who sell them. A crystal that looks similar, that is from the Caribbean region, is Larimar.

The Middle East is famously known for its adventurous tale of Aladdin and he’s popular there as well as in America. The oases in Balochistan are among the most beautiful and magickal in the world. Their region’s folklore and mythologies contain some intoxicating goddesses such as Dizane, the great Mother Goddess of the Kalasha, Ishtar, and Nana.

Oasis Calcite teaches us the same lessons the dessert oases do, that we must refresh ourselves and take time to rest in order to strengthen ourselves again. If we spent more time nurturing ourselves on a regular basis, maybe we wouldn’t run ourselves down and leave ourselves parched and desolate.

Work with this Oasis Calcite Tower in your rituals, place on your altar, or as an anchor in your crystal healing grid.

Oasis Calcite contains natural Aragonite foundations which lends to their multi-layered oasis aesthetic.

Measures appx 5-7 inches. Comes gift wrapped with jasmine flowers and anointed with jasmine ritual oil.

Lisa Bertolini
Doctor of Spiritual Arts
Priestess, Aromatherapist, and Folkmagick Practitioner


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