Pistachio Calcite Towers for Spiritual Wellness


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2020 was a tumultuous year for all of us and far too often we felt the looming grey fog over our emotions. Days felt like we were walking through sludge, feeling like it would never end. I committed myself to deep meditation to envision where I’d rather be, enjoying my walks through Disneyland with my family or enjoying a cruise off the west coast. There’s a million other places I wished I could be than stuck at home. A friend of mine reached out to me from Balochistan and we talked about goddesses, folklore, and Aladdin. The gorgeous oases they have in Pakistan became a nice visual for my meditations. Their country is also known for their pistachios, of which these calcite towers get their name. I knew we needed to have these treasures available for you.

Learning to visualize and meditate has been shown to be quite beneficial for our mental wellness. Having such a gorgeous focal point that exhibits the colors of the magical waters near the Arabian Sea adds a special layer of magick for your practice. Close your eyes and imagine hearing the trickling streams and vibrant waterfalls showering you with blessings from above. This is that unique space where your mind and spirit can be in alignment with where you long to be in person. Escaping the mundane existence to celebrate life and love brings us back to where our joy center is. It’s time to begin our heart healing.

These particular towers come specifically for us, for you. The designer made them with us in mind and sent me pictures and videos of the process. It’s so refreshing to be able to have that personal touch for our customers and clients.

These pistachio towers measure appx 3.5-4 inches in height and appx 1.5-1.57 in width.

Each tower will arrive gift wrapped.

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