Rhodonite Unicorn Figurine for Familiar Guidance


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Who doesn’t want to work with the magical unicorn as their spirit animal? The mystical powers of a unicorn guides us toward success, manifesting your imagination, and connecting us to portals of the higher realms. Some mythos tell of the magic of the horn holding healing powers which is perfect in this carving in Rhodonite, the stone known for healing bruises. These magical creatures hold symbolism for manifesting dreams, being able to see past illusions, and ancient spiritual wisdom.

I work with my crystal unicorn as the center piece of my magical grids for manifesting healing. This Rhodonite unicorn aligns beautifully with rose quartz, aura rose quartz, angel aura quartz, and especially with Lemurian quartz.

Uses: manifesting dreams, clear vision, healing

Affirmations: “I embrace the innocence of magic.”


Measurement: appx 3 in by 3 in
Chakras: Crown, Third Eye
Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces
Vibrational Level: High

This listing is for 1 Rhodonite Unicorn

Comes gift wrapped with magical herbs to accompany them in transit.

Magical blessings,



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