Rubellite Spheres for Attracting Positive Influences


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These gemmy Rubellite in quartz spheres have a playful sweet energy and takes me back to my childhood when I’d stand in line on the curbside waiting to spend my allowance at the ice cream truck and buy my fav strawberry ring pop! I love working with my Rubellite sphere when I’m reminiscing the nostalgia of the 70s and 80s, back when you could walk to the park with your childhood friends without worry or fear, because neighbors looked out for each other. If anything had happened to me, or if I was up to some questionable antics with my bff, a neighbor was sure to call my mom before I got home.

We had lots of laughs back then and plenty of adventures climbing trees and swinging next to each other. I loved the warm Southern California sun on my cheeks when we played loudly and recklessly, before we learned civility. The strawberry ring pops and frosty red Otter Pops that turned our tongues bright pink were more than just a childhood treat.

We grew up to realize they played a much larger role in developing nostalgia within our memories. Rubellite cheers me on darker days, as it reminds me of those endearing moments full of love and laughter. My intent  and hope is for you to draw upon the happiest of memories and any grey days you had may seem to fade away as you envision the exhilarating jumps from your swing at your neighborhood park.

These Rubellite spheres include quartz and smoky quartz to not only bring out the best memories, but also to protect your meditations from any sour times you may have experienced so long ago.

Uses: recalling nostalgia, memory recall, protection, freedom

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