Tourmalated Quartz, Double Terminated Wand


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Tourmalated quartz meanings vary sometimes depending on the person giving their recommendation. In fact, that can be the situation with most crystal meanings you find in books and on the internet. I highly recommend you sit with the crystal and listen to its vibration. When I work with Tourmalated Quartz I look for it’s dual qualities between amplifying and protection. Black Tourmaline is known for its astounding protective energy and here we have it grown within clear quartz. The Quartz acts as its container, holding space as it protects from within. That’s the lesson with this particular healing crystal. We make decisions about our own protection and our empowerment comes from within. It’s that deep place in our souls that vibrates an energy we need to listen to. It conveys the message that we need to establish clear and concise boundaries to protect ourselves.

“Healthy boundaries are not walls to block others out.

They are barriers that set us free to love the right people, most importantly ourselves.”~ Ann Lesuer

That’s when we can begin to map out how we’re going to manifest those protective boundaries. It may be that you decide to create a spell jar, or a protective crystal grid with other supportive crystals like Black Obsidian, Nuummite, and Black Moonstone.

Double terminated wands can send and receive energy  for crystal healing, grid work, and symbolize that reciprocity. They can also symbolize mirroring an energy back to the one who sent it.

Each wand measures appx 3 inches long by 1 inch wide.

This listing is for 1 Double Terminated Tourmalated Quartz Wand and includes a sage leaf for cleansing and consecrating.

Your intuitive treasure will come gift wrapped with love.



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