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The Fiery Metamorphosis of the Goddess

Since 2014, Intuitive Home Solutions was home to my home-goddess who lived in my logo. She and I have gone through a metamorphosis and we came out like a fiery phoenix. Please welcome her as you always have. My logo contains her likeness, a sun, and a moon positioned in the placement of my moon in Leo. Her womb is the shape of a heart to symbolize love.

I’m thrilled to come through the fire and shine in my truest authentic self and my shop, likewise. The offerings and treasures are here to work with you, inspire you, and transform you. Lets do this work together! I have an exclusive group on facebook, Circle of Intuition, where you can learn and grow with us and have the support you need. If you’re ready to make a commitment to your spiritual development, then fly on over and answer the group questions for access.

Keep your eyes and spirits open for the new offerings coming soon.

In the spirit of magick,

Lisa Bertolini
Doctor of Spiritual Arts
Priestess, Aromatherapist, and Folklore Enthusiast 

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