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This is Why You’ll Want the Magic of Moon Milk

Moon Milk is all the craze right now and why wouldn’t it be? The magic of Moon Milk is vast and you’ll wanna know how to brew a potion for yourself tonight!

First of all, I can’t find an origin source for who coined this term, but moonmilk is an actual mineral and not a warm beverage. However, Moon Milk is a beverage with a curious name and a gazillion recipes are already on Pinterest! Here’s a handful of my favorite Moon Milk resources.

I taught a class on the benefits of Moon Milk and you can access the Unit in the Circle of Intuition for your enjoyment. One take away from the class is this, science hasn’t exactly proven that warm milk actually sends you off to dreamland. What does help are herbs that have been proven to send you into the Sandman’s path.

Making Moon Milk starts off with a really powerful herbal tea recipe then add steamed milk to the slumber party. You can do this with non-dairy milk alternatives, I happen to use Almond Milk. In addition to dreamy herbs, you can layer your magic in ritual with crystals, candles, and a grid with your steeping potion in the center of your grid.

Strawberry Moon Milk

When you’re working with your ingredients you’ll want to look for herbals that contain the benefits you’re wanting. If you’re looking for a Moon Milk to simply help you sleep better you may want to consider lavender and chamomile(pair it with amethyst). If you need the benefits of stress relieving you’ll want to reach for Ashwagandha powder and ginger(pair with celestite). When you ‘re looking for protection you may want to work with dark chocolate and black pepper(pair with obsidian). The possibilities are practically endless.

I have created an easy-to-use navigation for you to find exactly which crystals to work with for the different moons. Up above you’ll find the tab “Ritual Treasures”. The navigation will open to “Crystals” then further to “Moons”. Simply select which moon you’re wanting to work with whether it be the Full Moon, New Moon or a Waning/Waxing moon.

Blue Moon Milk

Layering your magic with herbs, crystals, candlelight and clarified intentions can boost your psychic abilities, balance your empathic powers, inspire your creativity, and more. This isn’t just a sleepy time nightcap, it’s MAGIC! Why not boost your Moon Milk with all these additional benefits? Of course, you also might want to add your favorite liqueur as well. Yes, alcohol also has correspondences in magic!

One of my favorite resources for Moon Milk is ‘My Tiny Laguna Kitchen‘. She has a fantastic Instagram account showing off her magnificent creations. She uses and recommends this gorgeous glass tea pot with a candle warmer base to keep your tea warm while steeping. Another stellar resource for a variety of Moon Milk recipes is ‘Moon and Spoon and Yum‘. She has a nifty thumbnail navigation menu above her posts so you can surf around and discover numerous other recipes (many of which are vegan). For edible flowers and medicinal herbs, I highly recommend AniMundiHerbals. Not only do they have impeccable quality, they vibe in a similar direction spiritually and I love supporting shops like that.

If you want to learn more about incorporating a magical practice into your spiritual journey, join The Circle of Intuition with other leaders in our community. We’re here to support you. I also offer private consultations if you are looking for support and assistance with choosing intuitive treasures for manifesting your intentions. You can contact me through Messenger on my Facebook page.

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